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Sin City

posted on August 26, 2005 by: TomKane

If you haven't seen Frank Miller's Sin City you're missing out. I just rented this movie because I missed my chance to see it in the movie theaters and holy sh** did it kick ass! I suggest seeing this one, soon.

Urban Ninja Strikes

posted on August 25, 2005 by: Draemus

Many of you have never heard of the Urban Ninja, but today I bring you proof of his existence. Lurking in trees, hiding behind bushes, and battling mighty waves (all while scaring the living poop out of everyday people like you and me), the Urban Ninja lives.

All you need to do is click on this link and you can see real video footage of the urban ninja in action
Urban Ninja in action!.

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posted on August 15, 2005 by: TomKane

If you haven't been to the humorous (often adult humor) site: YTMND, you might be missing out! It's a simple site with a large community who makes ytmnd sites by registering. It's usually one page with a picture/song combination. A lot of this stuff is hilarious and random as hell. Some aren't even meant to be a joke. Be careful though, some of this stuff is sick and/or pornographic. Use this site at you're own risk.

I've made some myself, here are some of my best. (not pornographic, however there is adult language/content in a few)
Keep in mind I'm a sick individual. Forum dwellers might recognize a few images I used. (you were warned)

If you're savvy, you'll be able to find the rest of my sites (a few I excluded due to the fact that they're pretty f***ing sick).

GreenguY A Hostage?

posted on August 09, 2005 by: SG111

Its true. GreenguY has been officially declared a hostage. While coming in the door to the store this morning I noticed an envelope with my name on it. The letters of my name had been cut out of various newspapers and magazines. (Apparently, my special friend's captors are fancy like that!) Here is what the note said:

We have your guy. If you want back, follow instructions or he die! We no kid you! You bring big bucket of Sculpy clay to mailbox outside Wal-Mart at midnight Thursday. No bring police or use camera!! We kill your guy! We are important serious!

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GreenguY Captured!!!

posted on August 02, 2005 by: SG111

I am so totally screwed! My GreenguY is gone! He was guarding my desk area at work just like he does every day. But today was different. Today, GreenguY was gone without a trace! I searched high and low, but I was unable to locate him.

It gets worse.

I go to my vehicle and notice that something is attached to the windshield. As I get closer, I begin to realize that it is a picture. But not just any picture, its a picture of GreenguY! Had someone found him? Was he alright? Was he going to get home? My hopes were dashed however as I turned the picture over to reveal a message. "Shane, we have your man".

I was crushed. GreenguY had been taken hostage! What was I to do?

To be continued...