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Our Privacy Policy

We at the Sabatos Network understand that most people in this day and age value their privacy. (We know we do!) So we figured that you should know what information is collected and how we use it.

Information that we collect and how we use it

Website Usage Information: We automatically collect IP addresses and web site usage information from you when you visit us. This information helps us figure out how people use our site and where they visit on it. This is the same information that is collected on every single web site that you visit on the Internet. (If you have a problem with us collecting this information you are most likely wearing a tin foil hat right now and should throw your computer out the nearest window before the men in black come to harvest your organs!)

Sabatos Forums: We collect basic information from you when you sign up on the Sabatos Forums. This information includes a username, password, and email address. There is also an option to receive emails from the admin and or other users via the forums. The Forum uses cookies, (but they are only trained to be used for good!) The email addresses collected are kept secure and not sold to anyone for any reason.

Sabatos Design: Sabatos Design has an optional newsletter list that one can join. The only information that is collected is the email address. The newsletter has an opt out option that can be utilized at any time. (I should also mention that we will never sell out your email address to the "SUPER EVIL ULTRA SPAMMERS".)

Sabatos Topsites Those who sign up an account with Sabatos Topsites are required to provide a username, password, and email address. The password is encrypted and the email is not sold to spammers. Are you getting the general idea yet?

Policy Modifications: When we make any change to the above policies we will notify via the front page of the Sabatos Network and by changing the date on this page noting when the policy was last updated.

Comments and Questions: If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us via .