GoGo Para Presidente

Once thought to be lost to the ravages of time, “Gogo Para Presidente” has once again resurfaced to be enjoyed by all!
So what exactly is “Gogo Para Presidente”? Well, it all began with an over the top program called
“Rudy and Gogo’s World Famous Cartoon Show” which ran on TNT in the mid 90s. This show had a slew of characters
that included Rudy, JB, and of course my personal favorite, Gogo the goat! They often had musical interludes in between the cartoons.
“Gogo Para Presidente” was one of those interludes.

My search for the lost video began with a thread in our forums.
Now that the memory of the video was refreshed, I knew that I must see the clip again! I searched online in all of the regular places.
Google, The Internet Archive, I checked them all. All I could locate was a few mentions on old websites, and this
awesome tribute video from JULP. Sadly, this was all
I could find for several months. I eventually found myself on the Adult Swim Message Boards
where I was put in contact with the creator of the series, Barry Mills. Barry was very generous, and sent a copy of the clip to us in
a timely manner.

 While waiting for the clip to arrive, I was able to ask Barry about the history of the song:

 ”I created Rudy and GoGo for WTBS.

While I was working on the characters I asked a friend to execute some T-shirt ideas I had to announce their (R&G’s) coming. For Rudy’s T we simply lifted a visual from the Dracula Has Risen from the Grave movie poster; we replaced the word Dracula with Rudy and replaced Christopher Lee’s Dracula head with Rudy’s puppet head, with a stake sticking out of his chest. GoGo’s was a presidential candidate design with her head over red, white and blue stripes. It said GoGo para Presidente. I just like the Spanish language…both shirts were just me being goofy. I had a small handful printed up of each.

Well, TBS canceled the thing before it hit the air. TNT picked it up and a few months later, my co-writer, Jack Pendarvis commented that next year was indeed an election year and we should have GoGo run for President as a stunt. Several days later a friend of mine, not privy to the election conversation, called me at the house. It was Jon Langford of the band The Mekons (he actually appeared in the last two Rudy & GoGo shows almost two years later as the Old Salty Sea Biscuit). He did not have cable and had never seen the show. The only thing he knew about R&G was this goat T-shirt I had sent him. When he got my answering machine he began singing (I’m pretty sure it was just off the top of his head), “Vote Goat…Vote Goat…Vote Goat…” Well I called him back and got his answering machine and asked if he would record that song cause the goat needed a campaign jingle. About a week or so later I received a tape of said song (plus remixes)
and Jack and I cut the music video together.”

Gogo Para Presidente

Boney Bonerton Sings

Jesse B’s Black Historama


08/29/2004 Rudy and Gogo Postcard image.
Barry Mills was very cool once again and sent in a scan from one of the original Rudy and Gogo viewer mail

(Click on image for fullsized version)

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